Mike Horn is globally acknowledged as the world’s greatest modern day explorer.From swimming the Amazon River solo and unsupported to an unmotorized circumnavigation of the globe at the equator, Mike’s list of accomplishments as a solo explorer is unparalleled.


Author, screenwriter and speaker
Arthur Keller is an aerospace engineer. He is now a consultant and lecturer on energy, climate and ecological transition issues. He was notably the coordinator of the environment commission for the Nouvelle Donne party, and referent for the program of Charlotte Marchandise, citizen candidate in the presidential election. He is a member of the board of directors of the Adrastia association, which works on anticipating the decline of the thermo-industrial civilization.

Matthieu TORDEUR

Hello, my name is Matthieu Tordeur. I am an adventurer and speaker at the French Explorers Society. I went around the world driving a 4L to promote microfinance, ran 250 km in the Sahara and a marathon in North Korea. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean by sail and Europe by bike... In 2019, I became the first Frenchman to join the South Pole alone, without assistance and in total autonomy. From Patagonia to Pakistan to Antarctica, this site collects my adventures through 90 countries.

Alexandre BOISSON

Former member of the GSPR (Security Group of the French President).
I am 42 years old, I worked 9 years at the GSPR (Security Group of the President of the Republic). I left office in 2011 out of personal conviction. I wanted to try a professional adventure outside the field of security and I therefore took an availability of the national police (without salary). Today, faced with the collapse (work of Jared Diamond) mentioned by the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe in the Next video by journalist Clément Montfort, I want to take advantage of the solutions that I identify to best protect mine and my fellow citizens systemic dangers that threaten us, and commonly called: collapse.


Brian has been hosting L'Archi'Pelle's YouTube channel for over 2 years. He is a former city dweller who shares his daily life with the aim of striving for energy and food autonomy in the countryside. He also specialized in visiting autonomous houses and edible gardens or forests. His adventures bring together a community of more than 50,000 people called the Neo-Autonomists.


After studying geopolitics and conflict analysis, Marine specialized in international risk management. With 8 years of experience in security and safety within large French and English NGOs (personal security, organizational security and crisis management), she has been working for 3 years as a consultant for organizations of various sizes and natures, accompanying both employees and managers, in France and abroad. His numerous missions have enabled him to acquire a deep knowledge of security issues in degraded contexts, where the psychological dimension is just as important as the technical constraints of the field. It has developed a pragmatic approach to its activity: putting in place all the necessary means to allow the smooth running of a mission. In parallel, she founded Get ready, a structure specializing in supporting travelers (adventure profiles) in the development of their nomadic knowledge and skills (preparation, equipment, safety and health, first aid, mechanics, etc.) . Marine is also a volunteer First Aid worker at the White Cross, a trainer of trainers, a one-time instructor for outdoor events, and a log and safety focal point for international expeditions.

Christophe Papillon

Christophe Papillon spent 21 years in the French Army before embarking on an exceptional challenge: rowing across the Atlantic without stopovers or assistance. Christophe Papillon joined the army at the age of 18, after various external operations within his regiment, he specialized in the world of paratroopers and became "operational-faller"; it thus integrates the mysterious and effective "GCP" (group of paratrooper commandos). He is also a federal diving and parachuting instructor in the military. Retired from the army, Christophe Papillon has embarked on an incredible adventure. Indeed, he has just crossed the Atlantic without assistance or stopover. Christophe completed a 5,400-kilometer journey from the Canary Islands to Martinique in 64 days. This crossing was driven by a single motivation: to pay homage to his brothers in arms who had disappeared in combat and to help their widows and orphans. Christophe took a liking to adventure, in fact he is currently preparing to cross the Antarctic alone and without assistance for the winter of 2020.


Damien Lecouvey is a passionate explorer of herpetology. Visiting forgotten lands in search of poisonous snakes, he is engaged in the protection of reptiles and seeks to modify the bad image conveyed by these animals. He is also an expert in hostile environment survival. After more than six years as a non-commissioned officer in the air force, he shared his knowledge of survival as a survival advisor for GTNCO productions for a television program. Passionate about exploring forgotten lands and poisonous snakes, he then combines his two passions and embarks on an adventure with a scientific aim. He has also carried out numerous polar expeditions or in the Amazon jungle. Passionate about snakes and very committed to the protection of these species, Damien Lecouvey is fighting to restore a distorted image conveyed by most. He is also regularly contacted for television broadcasts by channels such as Discovery, Planète or RMC Découverte.

Edouard de BUYER

Being both an archer and an amateur blacksmith, Edouard de BUYER "naturally" has the idea of ​​designing a knife that meets this essential function in particular. Field practice (11 prototypes were made and tested) was necessary in order to find the perfect balance between robustness (required for extraction), maneuverability, high quality of cut, all this in order to be able to use the knife during all day hunting or nature and just as much by a woman as by a man.


Explorer adventurer born in 1985. For a few years now, I have been engaged through various actions in order to raise awareness about the preservation and access to water. In this context, I regularly give conferences to all audiences to alert on the state of the waters in France and in the world.

Patrick Baronnet

Patrick Baronnet is the designer and director of the Autonomous House and the "3 E house". He is also co-founder of the Coop Biosphère in Châteaubriand, professor of Yoga and professor of National Education and author of the book entitled: "From the autonomous house to the solidarity economy." The Autonomous House is a living laboratory that experiments with daily life in family for 35 years and in eco-hamlet for 6 years from free and abundant natural resources: water, air, earth and sun, for food, health, habitat, the comfort or energy Tens of thousands of visitors were inspired by this experience during 5 eco-festivals, visits and internships.This place is a concrete, personal and collective commitment that proposes new governance around Autonomy and Permaculture.


My name is Pierre Harlaut, I am 33 years old and I am the founder of this site Aquaponie.fr At the beginning, nothing intended me to become aquaponist and permacultor. At 25, thanks to my hard work, I managed to buy a house in the village of my childhood: Romain (51140). Despite this return to the countryside, my few mediocre tests in organic gardening, I still could not materialize or understand what was wrong until health got me back on track ... Now it was clear, I was no longer going to live to work but rather to work to live. There was all the difference!

Claude Brunet

Specialist medic within the company MP-SEC France. Claude has finished nursing officer at the 2nd REG after having served at the 2nd REP

Christophe de Hody

Christophe de Hody, herbalist and botanist / gatherer is the founder of the Chemin de la Nature which aims to transmit knowledge of wild plants, mushrooms and their uses to the greatest number. To achieve this, they organize on-site and online training for individuals and professionals.

La Ferme Éthique

New energy sources have never been so accessible, they can suit many types of needs, whether for autonomy or self-consumption. In the conference, we will present the advantages and disadvantages of these two modes of solar installation. We will be accompanied by one of our La Ferme Ethique ambassadors who will share his feedback on these two systems in the form of a discussion during which we will answer your questions.


At 24, he lived alone in virtual autonomy for 7 months on a glacial plateau in the Pyrenees. This man is Jacob Karhu, a young Frenchman who has become a hermit for a while ... A carefully considered project, in agreement with the municipality: being able to occupy a shepherd's refuge in exchange for renovating it entirely. Between fleeing from an increasingly stressful world and looking for oneself, returning to a not really common stay, between resourcefulness, minimalism, decline and poetry.

Eleonore Lluna

Eléonore is co-director of the company Time on target, lifeguard, nurse, holder of a hiking CQP, editor for magazines like "Survival" and author (book to be published April 2019). Passionate about wildlife, she chooses to approach survival from the angle of autonomy in nature. You may have seen her in "Wild Survival Race" broadcast on M6 in spring 2018 where she mentors a novice surviving in several treks in the most hostile environments on the planet. Today it is what she shares during her international expeditions: Amazon jungle, Bolivia, Cordillera Royal, Kalahari, Botswana, Indonesia, Canada, Mongolia ... are all playgrounds where she leaves in total autonomy.


Joël Schuermans is graduate in Paramedic Sciences. He practices as Paramedic for isolated or volatile regions for the benefit of numerous missions and expeditions. He has worked in Mali, Bosnia-Herzegovina, DR Congo, Niger, Syria, Rwanda, Somalia, Burundi, Niger, South Africa, Syria and several European countries. He is a registered health professional (Paramedic, EMT-P) with CoROM (College of Remote and Offshore Medicine) and the Malta Paramedic Register. After 12 years spent in an army commando unit, several expeditions to mountains, far-off countries, forests and deserts, isolated areas, many armed and medical missions in several theaters of operations, he now works in medical operational support for missions and expeditions to Africa and the Middle East within the company he co-founded.

Francis Di-Giorgio

Francis DI-GIORGIO is a recognized expert in communications and tele-medicine for emergency and humanitarian aid services. Currently retired, but very active, he participated during his career in numerous missions (Firefighters, SAMU, NGOs, First Aid Associations) in France (attacks, major events, etc.) and in the world (disasters, conflict and war zones) which have given him experience in the logistics of crisis and survival situations which he likes to share through his articles and conferences. He has also been a journalist for SURVIVAL magazine since its creation.

Alban Cambe

Alban Cambe is currently a professor of Life and Earth Sciences, passionate about Bushcraft and natural navigation, he shares his knowledge in Survival magazine, during field trips and Survival courses. Alban has already had the opportunity to give a lecture at the 1st edition of the Survival Expo.

'Hildegarde' Laurence Talleux

Come live a true human adventure, rediscovering wild life and autonomy, taming the air, fire, water and the nourishing earth. With friends, colleagues, alone or with your family, escape for a few hours or several nights. We will take you on the paths or in the forest, discover wild edible plants, cook and share a meal around a campfire, learn and experience the modern and ancient techniques necessary for life in the countryside, sleep in a bivouac, an improvised shelter or under a vegetal tipi, live like Robinson, in contact with the elements, and find your true nature.

Leslie Anna

In 2017, Leslie launches its association Wild Animals. The goal is to raise awareness about endemic and endangered species. It also offers simple alternatives and tips for individual change.

Pierre 1911

Pierre1911 is a man of the field. He has 10 years of experience in food and energy self-sufficiency projects. An engineer by training, an entrepreneur, he managed cross-functional IT projects for more than 20 years and traveled independently with his children (Cuba by bike, rivers by expedition kayak, trek ...) which was the foundation of his reflections on autonomy and resilience. His blog www.pierre1911.fr is a technical reference on the subject of autonomy, among other things because he is one of the only in the world to have produced a Jean PAIN 20-ton reactor. He has also supported more than 10 autonomy projects throughout France. For his third personal autonomy project, he has just set up as a 15ha farmer / experimenter in the Périgord vert where he is developing a pilot farm in animal traction. Its objective is to transmit its experiences to any person, collective or local community wishing to develop its resilience.


Trainer for autonomy in natural environments. Creator of "Horizon-experience"  
Gatien has spent most of his career with the Commando Mountain group, a special unit for Alpine Hunters. It's after having followed courses of survival in forest and cold weather that he decided to develop, organize and supervise a survival training in hostile territory specific to the Commando Mountain Group. In parallel, Gatien designed and marketed a survival kit - The Tube - which was adopted by some units of the French special forces. This know-how could be implemented during its various missions and external operations (Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, United Arab Emirates ... .forests and mountains of Europe.)

Xavier Bourgois

It's been 3 years that I have been roaming wild France in search of adventure. 24 micro adventures in France precisely. My micro adventures in France are mainly aimed at city dwellers who are tired of spending their 4-day weekend in Airbnb in a capital of Europe or taking the plane to cross the planet. Who want less mercantile, more authentic, more daring leisure activities. Through my YouTube channel, I try to inspire them, without assisting or infantilizing them. Each episode shows a different adventure, hiking, kayaking, sailing, building an igloo or a cabin, learning to paraglide ... in short, full of ideas to reconnect the townspeople and all this generation screen to nature, to the essential. Like a horse forced to shake its head when flies accumulate on its eyes, city dwellers need to go out into the wild and remove all that urban noise to return recharged and survive healthy in this hectic and stressful jungle called the city.

Didier Flipo

This is not a scoop: we can not grow vegetables without doing anything ... so do it well! But if you do not have a vegetable garden or have been growing it for years, you know that it does not always work the way you want. It is therefore normal that you seek to learn the right techniques, the right methods ... If so, come listen to the advice of Didier Flipo

Olivier Bressac

Mountain guide and trainer in Botany
Graduate of the State Brevet d'Alpinisme 1er Degrees, passionate about bushcraft and wild cuisine, I spend most of my time in the mountains, in the middle of nature. I am a fan of Botany, Ethnobotany, Biology and Philosophy of Science. I organize stays and discovery courses around wild, edible and medicinal plants, from the Mediterranean coast to the high alpine pastures of the southern Alps. My philosophy is that of sharing knowledge, giving access to autonomy. For me, botany is not a hobby, I consider it as general culture, essential to a good understanding of the world and ecology. I am an advocate of pedagogy and I am convinced that it should be accessible to everyone, not just insiders or curious people.

Thierry Velu

Lieutenant (SDIS 62), President & founder of the French Disaster Relief Group
The French Disaster Relief Group is a French international solidarity organization founded in 1999. It has about 250 volunteers, who are mainly firefighters, but also doctors and nurses. Its mission is to provide relief and assistance to people in distress, without any discrimination. During his conference, Thierry Velu, its Founding President, will detail the actions of this organization through various reports. In addition to its international activities, the GSCF also operates in France, where it carries out social missions. Marauding teams meet homeless people to interact with them and understand their needs. On these occasions, the GSCF distributes survival kits, which represent a unique material support in France. A fundraiser will be organized to support this organization.

Philippe B.

Former GIGN member & author  
Philippe B. should never have been in the place that was so often his for the last fifteen years: at the head of a GIGN assault column! Raised the hard way, his aptitude for martial arts brings him very early to the borders of ultra-violence and delinquency. However, since he followed live television on the famous assault of the GIGN on an Airbus in Marignane, when he was 16, Philippe B. has a new ambition to join the "Group".

Mickaël Gandecki

Myfood cofounder CTO & FEKAMT licensee
Entrepreneur, engineer and passionate about open source technology, Mickaël founded myfood with two partners in 2016. This initiative engages a Community of Pioneers who wish to produce their own food, thanks to smart greenhouses. His diligent practice of martial arts at the Gilbert Gruss School of Traditional Karate, allowed him to bring to many startups a spirit of determination and combativeness highly appreciated in the field. In a world in motion, a fluid spirit in a strong body is essential to keep one's discernment and lucidity. In accordance with his values, he seeks to build a sustainable future away from the fragile narratives that rely - to exist - on outbidding and idealism.


Mountain Commando Group (7th BCA)
Native of Bourg-Saint Maurice in the Tarentaise valley, I spent all my childhood running in the mountains. I join the 7th Battalion of Alpine Chasseur. 11 years with the commando mountain group, formerly known as the skier scout section. How much time spent on summits or outside operations? the list is long: Lebanon, Guyana, Ivory Coast, Norway, Afghanistan, Austria, Germany, Iceland, Greenland ... So many stays and even more bivouacs and adventures.

Renan le Quellec

After 15 years striding along France England, Ireland and Canada, experimenting the right technics, trekking in full autonomy: Renan creates his School of Life in Nature: The Skol Louarn. Based in Brittany, he trains individuals and companies.

Catherine Destivelle

French rock climber and mountaineer Multiple World Champion
Catherine Destivelle (born 24 July 1960) is a French rock climber and mountaineer. In 1992 she became the first woman to complete a solo ascent of the Eiger's north face. She completed the climb in winter in 17 hours. Her other notable climbs include the Bonatti Route on the north face of the Matterhorn and the southwest pillar of the Aiguille du Dru (the Bonatti Pillar). Destivelle has been the subject of several documentaries, including French director Rémy Tezier's, Beyond the Summits (Au-delà des cimes), which won the award for best feature-length mountain film at the 2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival.


Climatologist at LSCE - CEA Saclay
Alain Mazaud is a climatologist at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences at CEA Saclay. A qualified and associate doctor of the university, his research focuses on known variations of the Earth in the past (paleomagnetism and climate). He participated in several oceanographic campaigns, aboard the French boat Marion-Dufresne and the American ship Joides-Resolution. He divides his time between research and communication at LSCE.

Florian Nock

Brand developer at Jimini's
Florian is responsible for JIMINI'S, a French company that develops and sells edible insect products. The company works daily to democratize this sustainable food resource in Europe. Environmental engineer and coach specializing in nutrition, he has raised different species of insects and is convinced of their nutritional potential for several years.

Jay Hudnall

Jay Hudnall, founder and manager of Ti'éole, a small wind enthusiast, started working in this sector in 2004, at the US Department of Agriculture's research center in Texas, then in France for three years in the Krugwind, during which time it installed about 50 small wind turbines. He is one of the founders of the Tripalium association and has organized a hundred workshops on the manufacture of small wind turbines of the Piggott model. He has also been a trainer for engineering schools and vocational training centers since 2007, the date of the creation of Ti'éole - wind energy. Today, Ti'éole is active in the training, installation and distribution of small wind turbines in France.


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